Last updated on 03.04.2023

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Decree no. TITLE
109/2023 Coll.  on technical details, scope and method of providing additional services
380/2022 Coll. on the criteria for determining a serious breach of network and service security and loss of network integrity and the extent and form of transmission of breach information
182/2022 Coll.    

laying down the characteristics of reasonable requirements for the provision of internet access and access to voice communication services at a fixed location and their quality parameters in the universal service

58/2022 Coll. on conditions for number portability and the change of the ISP
52/2022 Coll. on technical and organisational conditions for the use of programme application and electronic form for the data collection in electronic communications
51/2022 Coll. on the determination of the extent, form and manner of publication of information about the access or interconnection and about requirements, extent and form of reference offer for access or interconnection
529/2021 Coll.

on the determination of the amount of lump-sum refund in connection with number portability or a change of the ISP and on the manner of providing information about the right to lump-sum refund

582/2020 Coll. on the determination of the extent, form and manner of providing information for operating the comparison tool
515/2020 Coll. on the structure of information to be published about the obliged entity and the outline of the description to be carried out within the agenda, as amended
361/2019 Coll. on template of the Czech Telecommunication Office card of an employee authorized to perform electronic communications and postal services controls
82/2018 Coll. on security measures, cyber security incidents, reactive measures and setting requirements for filing in cyber security (Decree on cyber security)
267/2017 Coll. on localisation and identification of caller when calling emergency line numbers
260/2016 Coll. on setting detailed conditions regarding electronic tools, electronic acts when governing public tenders, and consent certificate
248/2016 Coll. on content requirements of application for previous opinion on conclusion of an agreement and on change of commitments arising from an agreement by Public Procurement Act
170/2016 Coll. on setting lump sumps of costs on overview of contracting authority acts when governing public procurements
169/2016 Coll. on setting range of documentation of public procurement on building operations and list of building operations, supplies and services with statement of notice
168/2016 Coll. on publication of forms for the purpose of Public Procurement Act and on profile requirements of contracting authority
175/2015 Coll.  

on the Czech language exam for civil service applicants, who are not citizens of the Czech Republic

162/2015 Coll.   on details of the clerical exam
63/2015 Coll.  on the template of the badge of a civil servant who is authorized to carry out the control in service relations of civil servants in the civil service authorities
317/2014 Coll.   on the major information systems and their determining factors, as amended by Decree No. 205/2016 Coll.
462/2013 Coll.   on the determination of the amount and the method of reimbursement of effectively spent costs for wiretapping and recording of messages, for storage and provision of operating and localisation data and for provision of information from the subscriber database of a publicly available telephone service
466/2012 Coll.   on the method of the Czech Telecommunication Office in calculating the net costs of fulfilling the obligation to provide universal services
465/2012 Coll.  on the method of keeping separate records of costs and revenues of the postal license holder
464/2012 Coll.   on the determination of specifications of individual basic services and basic quality requirements for their provision, as amended by Decree No. 203/2016 Coll.
434/2012 Coll.   establishing a template form for the notification of business in the area of postal services, as amended
433/2012 Coll.   on the determination of the content, form and manner of publication of information on results and ensuring the provision of basic services and performance evaluation of quality parameters
357/2012 Coll.   on preservation, transfer and deletion of traffic and location data
241/2012 Coll.  on the determination of particulars contained in the technical and organisational rules to ensure the security and integrity of public communications network and the interoperability of publicly accessible electronic communications services in crisis situations, as amended
135/2012 Coll. on determination of the extent of billing according to the type of service
134/2012 Coll.  on determination of the extent of itemized billing
22/2011 Coll.   on the method of determination of terrestrial radio broadcasting signal coverage in the specified frequency bands
360/2010 Coll. laying down the template for an electronic form for a proposal for resolving a dispute on obligation to settle finatial claim, and technical requirements for its usage, as amended by Decree No. 180/2017 Coll.
105/2010 Coll.   on Frequency Band Assignment Plan (National Table of Frequency Assignment)
398/2009 Coll.  on general technical requirements to secure barrier-free usage of buildings
268/2009 Coll.  on the technical requirements for buildings, as amended by Decree No. 20/2012 Coll., and Decree No. 323/2017 Coll.
194/2009 Coll.  laying down the details of using and operation of Information system of Data Boxes, as amended by Decree No. 422/2010 Coll., Decree No. 322/2015 Coll., and Decree No. 435/2016 Coll.
193/2009 Coll.   laying down the details of execution of authorized conversion of documents, as amended
163/2008 Coll.  on the method of determination of the terrestrial television broadcasting signal coverage
290/2007 Coll. on the payment of the costs of the database for emergency calls
117/2007 Coll. on the numbering plans of electronic communication networks and services, as amended by Decree No. 231/2008 Coll., Decree No. 267/2009 Coll., Decree No. 53/2011 Coll., and Decree No. 124/2012 Coll.
388/2006 Coll.

on the net costs of universal service in electronic communications

336/2005 Coll.   on the form and extent of information provided from the database of the publicly available telephone service subscribers and on the technical and operating conditions and connection points of the message interception and recording terminal equipment
161/2005 Coll.

on the determination of the characteristics of the functions of specially modified telecommunication terminal equipment for different types of handicap

160/2005 Coll. laying down the format of Telekomunikační věstník (the Telecommunications Bulletin), the mode of publishing information and the mode of the delivery thereof for publishing
158/2005 Coll.

laying down the minimum details of the draft agreement on access to, or interconnection of, public communication networks

157/2005 Coll. on the details of enrolment for the examination of special competence for the operation of radio transmission equipment, on the extent of knowledge needed for the different special competence types, on the manner of performing the examination, on the types of special competence certificates and on the duration of their validity
156/2005 Coll.  on the technical and operating conditions of the amateur radio communication service
155/2005 Coll. on the method of creating call signals, identification numbers and codes, on the use thereof, and on the types of radio communication services for which they are required
138/2000 Coll. on radiotelephone traffic on inland waterways