Fight against Corruption and Whistleblowers Protection

Internal whistleblowing system and whistleblower protection

CTU has introduced an internal whistleblowing system and ensured the following organizational measures related to the entry into force of Act No. 171/2023 Coll., on Whistleblower Protection ("Whistleblower Protection Act").

The CTU Council Chairman appointed Mgr. Šárka Němečková, director of Legislation and Legal Affairs Department (tel.: 224 004 620) as the competent person to carry out activities pursuant to Section 11 of the Whistleblower Protection Act. In her absence, she is represented by Mgr. Marek Beran, head of Legislation Unit (tel.: 224 004 724).

The notification may be sent by e-mail on or made in writing or orally, at the request of the whistleblower, or in person to the relevant person (Sokolovská 58/219, 190 00 Prague 9). The subject of the data message and the envelope of the written documentary submission shall be marked ' Neotevírat - oznámení (Do not open - whistleblowing)'.At the same time a letterbox has been installed to receive reports in paper form. The reports can be inserted in the letterbox which is marked “Oznámení o protiprávním jednání”. The letterbox is dedicated only for the receipt of notification on illegal activities at the CTU premises according to Section 2 of the Whistleblower Protection Act and is placed on the building of CTU premises (Sokolovská 219, Prague 9), approx. 3 meters from the entrance to the building in Bratří Dohalských street.

The CTU excludes the acceptance of whistleblowing from a person who does not perform work or other similar activities for the CTU pursuant to Section 2(3)(a), (b)(h) or (i) of the Whistleblower Protection Act.

Notification under the Whistleblower Protection Act may also be submitted to the Ministry of Justice of the Czech Republic through the external notification system, either orally to an authorised employee or in writing. The notification can be submitted by means of a secure form on the following website (only in CZ). 


CTU Anti-Corruption Program, the list of external members and the list of contracts with external entities can be downloaded only in Czech language here.