Open crowdsourcing data related to the quality of service of high-speed Internet

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Cooperation among national telecom regulators across Europe by creating, publishing and reusing open data related to broadband Internet on a newly created platform.

Registration number: 2015-EU-IA-0031
Short name: MoQoS
Official webpage:
Grant Agreement: INEA/CEF/ICT/A2015/1151741
Donor Authority: European Commission - Innovation and Networks Executive Agency, Conecting Europe Facility (CEF)
Call title: CEF-TC-2015-1 – Public Open Data
Names of Beneficiaries:
Coordinator: CZ.NIC, z. s. p. o. (CZ.NIC Association)
Partners: Czech Telecommunication Office) (CTU), Regulatory Authority for Electronic Communications and Postal Services) (SK-Teleoff), Specure GmbH (Specure), Agency for Communication Networks and Services of the Republic of Slovenia) (AKOS)



Total project budget: 997 808 EUR
Project budget to CTU: 92 490 EUR
Contribution from CTU: 46 245 EUR
Contribution from EU: 46 245 EUR
Time schedule of the project: 
Beginning of project: 1 January 2017
End of project: 31 December 2018


Contact person: Alena Konšalová,

More detailed information is available in Czech language only and can be reached by clicking „CZ“ in the upper right corner.