Electronic submission in administrative procedure


Last updated on 12.12.2012



Electronic submission in administrative procedure

Short name of the project: EPSR
Registration number: CZ.1.06/1.1.00/07.06407
Operational programme: Integrated operational programme
Priority axis: 6.1a – Modernisation of public administration (Convergence)
Supported area: 6.1.1a –Developing information society in public administration

Call title:

Time limited call for supported area

6.1a and 6.1b – Computerization of public administration services

Call number: 07
Name of beneficiary: Czech telecommunication office
Name of project partner: No partner
Contribution from EU structural fund ERDF: 9 096 672 Kč
Contribution from national public funds: 1 606 000 Kč
Total project budget: 10 702 672 Kč
Time schedule of the project:
Beginning of project: 1 February 2010
End of project: 29 April 2012

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