Government orders


Last updated on 29.6.2023

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Government order no.
172/2016 Coll. on determining financial limits and amounts for the use of Act on public procurement
117/2016 Coll. on conformity assessment of products in terms of electromagnetic compatibility, when placed on the market, as amended
178/2015 Coll.   on the determination of the minimum number of workplaces for the provision of basic services, as amended
161/2015 Coll.    on the performance of the civil service at the business location outside the territory of the Czech Republic on the day of the national holiday of the Czech Republic
145/2015 Coll.   on measures related to the reporting of suspicion of committing the offense in the service office
144/2015 Coll.   on the performance of the civil service from another location and on rules for the creation of conditions to reconcile family and personal life with the performance of state service
137/2015 Coll.    on other cases in which a person can be received in the service for a fixed period, as amended by Government Order No. 44/2017 Coll.
136/2015 Coll.   on the equivalence of certain testing and professional qualifications of the special clerical exams
135/2015 Coll.    on additional obstacles in the civil service for which the public servant is entitled to the salary
36/2019 Coll.   on the details of the service evaluation of civil servants and the linking of a civil servant personal allowance to the result of the service evaluation and on amendments to Government Order No 304/2014 Coll, on the wage rates of civil servants, as amended
1/2019 Coll.   on civil service sectors, as amended
92/2015 Coll.   about the rules for the organization of the Service Office
304/2014 Coll.  on the salaries of state employees, as amended by Government Order No. 279/2015 Coll., Government Order No. 327/2016 Coll., and Government Order No. 115/2017 Coll.
302/2014 Coll.   on catalogue of administrative activities
351/2013 Coll.   laying down the amount of interest on late payment and costs associated with the claim, the remuneration of the liquidator, the liquidation administrator and the member of the body of a legal entity appointed by court, and regulating certain issues of the Commercial Code and the public registers of legal entities and individuals
180/2013 Coll. amending Government Order No. 142/1994 Coll., laying down the amount of interest on late payment according to the Civil Code, as amended
432/2010 Coll. on the criteria for determining critical infrastructure element, as amended by Government Order No. 315/2014 Coll.
278/2008 Coll.  on the contents of individual trades, as amended by Government Order No. 288/2010 Coll., Government Order No. 368/2012 Coll., Government Order No. 365/2013 Coll., Government Order No. 155/2016 Coll., and Government Order No. 178/2017 Coll.
161/2008 Coll.    on the technical plan for the transition from analogue terrestrial television broadcasting to digital terrestrial television broadcasting (Government Order on technical plan of transition)
500/2021 Coll.   on the conditions of the provision of special prices for voice communication services and internet access services to persons with special social needs, as amended
341/2017 Coll. on the salaries of employees in public services and administration, as amended 
154/2005 Coll.  

on the determination of the amount and method of calculation of the charges for using radio frequencies and numbers, as amended 

153/2005 Coll.   on the determination of the method of providing funds to the radio communication account, the amount thereof, and the method of fund withdrawal, as amended 
251/2003 Coll. amending certain Government Orders issued to the execution of Act No. 22/1997 Coll., on the technical requirements for products, and on a change and addition to certain laws, as amended