Information system development strategy

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IS development strategy of the CTU


Short name of the project: IS development strategy
Registration number: CZ.1.04/4.1.00/48.00025
Operational programme: Human resources and employment
Priority axis: 4.4a – Public administration and public services (Convergence)
Supported area: 4.4a.1 – Reinforcement of the institutional capacity and efficiency of public administration
Call title: IP 4.1 – Efficient administrative authority
Call number: 48

Name of beneficiary:

Czech telecommunication office

Name of project partner:

No partner
Contribution from EU structural funds: 1 979 810,31 Kč
Contribution from national public funds: 349 378,29 Kč
Total project budget: 2 329 188,60 Kč
Time schedule of the project:
Beginning of project: 1 April 2010
End of project: 28 February 2011
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WorkshopStrategii rozvoje IS ČTÚ pořádaný dne 2. 9. 2010 na O 635, Ústí nad Labem