CTU publishes results of the measurement of all mobile networks coverage of the transit railway corridors.

Criteria of the auction of frequencies for LTE networks set out an obligation for the operators to cover 100 % of the length of the corridors until spring 2021. 100% coverage of transit corridors means the availability of service in more than 80% of all measured parts. The measurement proved that all operators comply with the obligation. The state of coverage on the railway corridors of all three operators is very good.  

Moreover, the measurement shown that in some cases the network coverage is fragmented with very fast changing of the covered parts and the uncovered ones. With regard to the time needed for establishing connection to the network, the mobile telephones indicate a subjective level of the network coverage lower than the one measured.

For the purpose of presenting the results of the measurement, the measured values were processed in an application which is publicly available on: http://qos.ctu.cz/.

Effect of the construction of railway coaches

As earlier pointed out by CTU in the previous press release, there is a significant influence of the coaches construction and its permeability of electromagnetic waves on the quality of connection. Among the coaches operated on the Czech railways there are even ten-thousandfold differences. Although the network coverage is 100%, access to the mobile network services for passengers will be limited without further technical measures. It must be ensured e.g. by using repeaters.

Files are available only in czech version.