Last updated on 1.2.2022

Legislation is to be found on the Ministry of Interior of the Czech Republic website in the application Sbírka zákonů.

ACT No. Name
171/2023 Coll. on the protection of notifiers
67/2023 Coll. on certain measures against the dissemination of terrorist content online 
194/2017 Coll. on measures to reduce the costs of deploying high-speed electronic communications networks and on the amendment to some other acts
297/2016 Coll. on trust services for electronic transactions, as amended by Act No. 183/2017 Coll.
250/2016 Coll. on the liability for infractions and its proceedings
134/2016 Coll. on public procurement, as amended by Act No. 36/2016 Coll., Act No. 147/2017 Coll., and Act No. 183/2017 Coll.
90/2016 Coll. on conformity assessment of products when made available on the market, as amended by Act No. 183/2017 Coll., and 265/2017 Coll.
340/2015 Coll. on special conditions for the effectiveness of certain contracts, the disclosure of these contracts and the register of contracts, as amended by Act No. 298/2016 Coll., and 249/2017 Coll.
250/2014 Coll.   amending acts related to adoption of the Civil Service Act, as amended by Act No. 123/2017 Coll.
234/2014 Coll.   the Civil Service Act, as amended 
181/2014 Coll.   on the Cyber Security and on the Amendments of the Related Acts (Cyber Security Law), as amended
255/2012 Coll.   on Inspection (Inspection Order), as amended by Act No. 183/2017 Coll.
90/2012 Coll.   on commercial companies and cooperatives (the Act on Business Corporations), as amended 
89/2012 Coll.  Civil Code, as amende by Act No. 460/2016 Coll., and Act No. 303/2017 Coll.
341/2011 Coll.   on General inspection of security services and on amendment to related Acts, as amended 
155/2010 Coll.   amending certain Acts in order to improve their application as well as to minimize the administrative burden of the enterpreneurs, as amended 
285/2009 Coll.  on amendment to certain acts in accordance with adoption of the Act on payment system, as amended 
281/2009 Coll.   on amendment to certain acts in accordance with adoption of the Tax code, as amended 
280/2009 Coll.   Tax code (entered into force on 1 January 2011 to replace Act No. 337/1992 Coll.), as amended 
227/2009 Coll.   on amendment to certain acts in accordance with adoption of the Act on basic registers, as amended 
222/2009 Coll.   on free movement of services, as amended 
111/2009 Coll.  on basic register, as amended 
300/2008 Coll.   on electronic transactions and automatic conversion of documents, as amended 
182/2006 Coll.   on insolvency and the methods to address it (Insolvency Act), as amended 
69/2006 Coll.   on carrying out international sanctions, as amended 
412/2005 Coll.   on the protection of confidential information and on security competence, as amended 
348/2005 Coll.  on radio and television charges and on amendment to certain Acts, as amended 
206/2005 Coll.   on the protection of certain broadcasting services and information society services, as amended 
127/2005 Coll.   on Electronic Communications and on Amendment to Certain Related Acts (Electronic Communications Act) as amended 
634/2004 Coll.  

on administrative charges as amended 

500/2004 Coll.

on Administrative Procedure (Administrative Procedure Code), as amended 

499/2004 Coll.   on method of archiving and company records administration and on amendment to certain Acts, as amended 
480/2004 Coll.  on Certain Information Society Services and on Amendments to Certain Acts (Act on Certain Information Society Services), as amended
18/2004 Coll.   on the recognition of professional qualification and other qualifications of the citizens of other Member States of the European Union and on amendment to certain other Acts (Professional Qualification Recognition Act), as amended 
231/2001 Coll.   on broadcasting and on amendment to other acts, as amended 
365/2000 Coll.   on the public administration information systems and on amendment to certain other Acts, as amended 
29/2000 Coll.   on Postal Services and on Amendment to Certain Acts (the Postal Services Act), as amended 
106/1999 Coll.  

on free access to information, as amended 

22/1997 Coll.   on technical requirements for products and on amendment to certain Acts, as amended 
484/1991 Coll.  on Czech Radio, as amended
483/1991 Coll.

on Czech Television, as amended 

526/1990 Coll. on prices, as amended