Press releases

1. 3. 2024
PRESS RELEASE: CTU consults on subsidy call on 5G repeaters in the trains
26. 2. 2024
PRESS RELEASE: CTU has granted all block allocations for DAB
5. 1. 2024
PRESS RELEASE: DAB+ radio frequencies auction successfully completed
15. 12. 2023
PRESS RELEASE: First conclusions of Radiocommunication conference WRC-23: Frequencies for terrestrial TV guaranteed
4. 12. 2023
PRESS RELEASE: VPortal has a new Fixed service module.It shows Internet at a fixed location and its speeds
1. 11. 2023
PRESS RELEASE Consumers’ view on the mobile market: Unlimited data used already by 22%, one in ten customers using MVNO services
23. 10. 2023
PRESS RELEASE: DAB+ radio frequencies now in auction
9. 10. 2023
PRESS RELEASE: CTU and Správa železnic will cooperate to improve the signal on trains
11. 9. 2023
PRESS RELEASE: All nine applicants for DAB+ auction met the qualifying conditions
1. 9. 2023
PRESS RELEASE: There is interest in the tender for DAB+ networks
22. 8. 2023
Monitoring report No. 8/2023: DAB+ frequency auction will take place in four phases, high penalties for failure to include OKU code in the contract
16. 8. 2023
PRESS RELEASE: CTU will newly oversee the digital economy
1. 8. 2023
PRESS RELEASE: Launching NetTest for iOS
1. 8. 2023
PRESS RELEASE: Invitation to tender for DAB+ networks
28. 6. 2023
PRESS RELEASE: One year of the new rules for marketing calls: The number of complaints decreases, fines worth almost CZK 5 million were imposed
9. 5. 2023
PRESS RELEASE: VPortal now reveals how operators cover white areas according to commitments or where most complaints about TV reception come from
5. 5. 2023
PRESS RELEASE: CTU published a guide for the providers of online platforms and online search engines
3. 5. 2023
PRESS RELEASE: Annual Report for 2022: The average mobile data consumption is 7 GB per month, price of data decreased
27. 3. 2023
PRESS RELEASE: European Commission´s veto on the proposed mobile market regulation
24. 3. 2023
PRESS RELEASE: CTU renewed inter-ministerial working group on spectrum
23. 2. 2023
European Commission has published a package aimed to make deployment and utilisation of digital infrastructure more efficient
15. 2. 2023
PRESS RELEASE: CTU workshop on the preparation of DAB+ tender
15. 2. 2023
PRESS RELEASE: CTU will now oversee online platforms and search engines
1. 2. 2023
PRESS RELEASE: CTU has a new Chair. Marek Ebert considers the sustainability of DVB-T2, the selection of the postal licence holder and the promotion of availability and quality of new networks and services as his priorities
15. 12. 2022
PRESS RELEASE: From January, disabled and low-income people will be entitled to discounted prices for Internet and calls
5. 12. 2022
PRESS RELEASE: NetTest Application for measuring the Internet speed in mobile phone now available for download
6. 10. 2022
PRESS RELEASE: Hana Továrková is elected BEREC Vice-Chair for 2023
27. 9. 2022
Monthly Monitoring Report No.9/2022: Unsolicited marketing calls and other recommendations from the Office; thousand of attendees trained on TELCO topics
24. 8. 2022
Monthly Monitoring Report No. 08/2022: Unsolicited marketing calls step-by-step; how to claim about disputed billing; quarterly review of complaints and enquiries
27. 7. 2022
PRESS RELEASE: The CTU Council has granted a postal licence to Česká pošta for the next two years
25. 7. 2022
PRESS RELEASE: EC approved CZ notification to compensate net costs to Česká pošta
17. 5. 2022
PRESS RELEASE: Only the Czech Post is applying for the postal licence
6. 5. 2022
PRESS RELEASE: CTU Council Chair after the meeting with the Minister of Industry and Trade
19. 4. 2022
Monitoring Report No. 04/2022: Easier change of the ISP and the right to a lump-sum refund
8. 4. 2022
PRESS RELEASE: CTU Council decision: CTU will currently not impose temporary regulatory measures on the wholesale mobile market
8. 4. 2022
PRESS RELEASE: Ukrainian and EU operators cooperates to secure and stabilize affordable communication services for Ukrainian citizens
15. 3. 2022
Monthly Monitoring Report 03/2022: Looking back to 2021; unilateral contract amendments; tender for postal licence holder
10. 3. 2022
PRESS RELEASE: Postal items with the aid to Ukraine
1. 3. 2022
PRESS RELEASE: Council of the Czech Telecommunication Office proposes temporary regulation of the wholesale market
22. 2. 2022
Monthly Monitoring Report No. 02/2022: How to measure speed of Internet access; password for communication and the next wave of fraudulent phone calls.
21. 2. 2022
PRESS RELEASE: European Commission has rejected the proposed regulation. CTU considers further steps.
20. 1. 2022
Monthly Monitoring Report No. 01/2022: CTU´s plan in 2022; „Roam Like at Home“ remains, changes in number management will strengthen consumer protection
19. 1. 2022
PRESS RELEASE: NetTest after 4 months: General Authorisation positively influenced quality of services
21. 12. 2021
PRESS RELEASE: Monthly Monitoring Report No. 12/2021: What does the amendment to the Electronic Communications Act bring to undertakings; measurement results of the coverage of railway corridors and motorways
21. 12. 2021
PRESS RELEASE: Draft market analysis proposing regulation of mobile market has been brought to 2nd phase of investigation by the European Commission
15. 12. 2021
CTU has restored the spectrum block allocation of 2100 MHz to O2. It will also provide network operation for older phones.
18. 11. 2021
Monthly Monitoring Report 11/2021: What does the amendment to the Electronic Communications Act bring to consumers; unlimited not always means unlimited; copy of receipt and customer card were enough to raise a claim
8. 11. 2021
The Office has verified fulfilment of obligations arising from 4G auction. They are fulfilled, but some "but(s)" remain
26. 10. 2021
PRESS RELEASE: Public consultation on analysis of the wholesale market of access to mobile services experienced a great interest
19. 10. 2021
Monthly Monitoring Report No. 10/2021: Last chance to comment on the proposed regulation; heavy fines for abuse of emergency lines