Press releases

15. 5. 2024
PRESS RELEASE: CTU Annual Report 2023: We consume 10 GB of data per month in average
30. 4. 2024
PRESS RELEASE: CTU launched a subsidy call on repeaters in trains
29. 4. 2024
Monthly Monitoring Report 4/2024: Selection procedure for postal licence holder launched; obligations of online platform providers under the DSA
26. 4. 2024
PRESS RELEASE: First anti-spoofing measures in force from 1 June
20. 3. 2024
PRESS RELEASE: CTU has measured signal on railway corridors. Coverage outside the railway coaches is improving
1. 3. 2024
PRESS RELEASE: CTU consults on subsidy call on 5G repeaters in the trains
26. 2. 2024
PRESS RELEASE: CTU has granted all block allocations for DAB
22. 2. 2024
PRESS RELEASE: CTU will help significantly reduce spoofing. Many fraudulent calls will no longer be connected
15. 2. 2024
PRESS RELEASE: DSA has been effective since 17 February. It will bring many benefits to users of digital services
5. 1. 2024
PRESS RELEASE: DAB+ radio frequencies auction successfully completed
15. 12. 2023
PRESS RELEASE: First conclusions of Radiocommunication conference WRC-23: Frequencies for terrestrial TV guaranteed
4. 12. 2023
PRESS RELEASE: VPortal has a new Fixed service module.It shows Internet at a fixed location and its speeds
1. 11. 2023
PRESS RELEASE Consumers’ view on the mobile market: Unlimited data used already by 22%, one in ten customers using MVNO services
23. 10. 2023
PRESS RELEASE: DAB+ radio frequencies now in auction
9. 10. 2023
PRESS RELEASE: CTU and Správa železnic will cooperate to improve the signal on trains
11. 9. 2023
PRESS RELEASE: All nine applicants for DAB+ auction met the qualifying conditions
1. 9. 2023
PRESS RELEASE: There is interest in the tender for DAB+ networks
22. 8. 2023
Monitoring report No. 8/2023: DAB+ frequency auction will take place in four phases, high penalties for failure to include OKU code in the contract
16. 8. 2023
PRESS RELEASE: CTU will newly oversee the digital economy
1. 8. 2023
PRESS RELEASE: Launching NetTest for iOS
1. 8. 2023
PRESS RELEASE: Invitation to tender for DAB+ networks
28. 6. 2023
PRESS RELEASE: One year of the new rules for marketing calls: The number of complaints decreases, fines worth almost CZK 5 million were imposed
9. 5. 2023
PRESS RELEASE: VPortal now reveals how operators cover white areas according to commitments or where most complaints about TV reception come from
5. 5. 2023
PRESS RELEASE: CTU published a guide for the providers of online platforms and online search engines
3. 5. 2023
PRESS RELEASE: Annual Report for 2022: The average mobile data consumption is 7 GB per month, price of data decreased
27. 3. 2023
PRESS RELEASE: European Commission´s veto on the proposed mobile market regulation
24. 3. 2023
PRESS RELEASE: CTU renewed inter-ministerial working group on spectrum
23. 2. 2023
European Commission has published a package aimed to make deployment and utilisation of digital infrastructure more efficient
15. 2. 2023
PRESS RELEASE: CTU workshop on the preparation of DAB+ tender
15. 2. 2023
PRESS RELEASE: CTU will now oversee online platforms and search engines
1. 2. 2023
PRESS RELEASE: CTU has a new Chair. Marek Ebert considers the sustainability of DVB-T2, the selection of the postal licence holder and the promotion of availability and quality of new networks and services as his priorities
15. 12. 2022
PRESS RELEASE: From January, disabled and low-income people will be entitled to discounted prices for Internet and calls
5. 12. 2022
PRESS RELEASE: NetTest Application for measuring the Internet speed in mobile phone now available for download
6. 10. 2022
PRESS RELEASE: Hana Továrková is elected BEREC Vice-Chair for 2023
27. 9. 2022
Monthly Monitoring Report No.9/2022: Unsolicited marketing calls and other recommendations from the Office; thousand of attendees trained on TELCO topics
24. 8. 2022
Monthly Monitoring Report No. 08/2022: Unsolicited marketing calls step-by-step; how to claim about disputed billing; quarterly review of complaints and enquiries
27. 7. 2022
PRESS RELEASE: The CTU Council has granted a postal licence to Česká pošta for the next two years
25. 7. 2022
PRESS RELEASE: EC approved CZ notification to compensate net costs to Česká pošta
17. 5. 2022
PRESS RELEASE: Only the Czech Post is applying for the postal licence
6. 5. 2022
PRESS RELEASE: CTU Council Chair after the meeting with the Minister of Industry and Trade
19. 4. 2022
Monitoring Report No. 04/2022: Easier change of the ISP and the right to a lump-sum refund
8. 4. 2022
PRESS RELEASE: CTU Council decision: CTU will currently not impose temporary regulatory measures on the wholesale mobile market
8. 4. 2022
PRESS RELEASE: Ukrainian and EU operators cooperates to secure and stabilize affordable communication services for Ukrainian citizens
15. 3. 2022
Monthly Monitoring Report 03/2022: Looking back to 2021; unilateral contract amendments; tender for postal licence holder
10. 3. 2022
PRESS RELEASE: Postal items with the aid to Ukraine
1. 3. 2022
PRESS RELEASE: Council of the Czech Telecommunication Office proposes temporary regulation of the wholesale market
22. 2. 2022
Monthly Monitoring Report No. 02/2022: How to measure speed of Internet access; password for communication and the next wave of fraudulent phone calls.
21. 2. 2022
PRESS RELEASE: European Commission has rejected the proposed regulation. CTU considers further steps.
20. 1. 2022
Monthly Monitoring Report No. 01/2022: CTU´s plan in 2022; „Roam Like at Home“ remains, changes in number management will strengthen consumer protection
19. 1. 2022
PRESS RELEASE: NetTest after 4 months: General Authorisation positively influenced quality of services