PRESS RELEASE: CTU will newly oversee the digital economy

Prague, 16 August – CTU has been entrusted with the role of national coordinator of digital services. The concept, which will help ensure uniform oversight of new European regulations, was approved by the Government. CTU already has competences in the area of some digital services, for example as a supervisory authority for the so-called P2B regulation on online platforms and online search engines. In the future, its remit will be further extended to include supervision of the Digital Services Act, parts of the Data Governance Act and the Data Act.

The Digital Services Act brings new rights for users of online intermediary services, which will put them in a better position vis-à-vis the providers of these services, as well as greater protection for children on social networks. As a digital coordinator according to DSA, once the transposition standard is approved CTU will, for example, grant the status of trusted flaggers or vetted researchers to those who meet the legal conditions, who can, for example, research the algorithms of large digital platforms.

The Data Governance Act sets the rules for the re-use and sharing of public sector data. According to the Data Act, users will (among others) gain the access to data generated by using the products ranging from smartwatches to smart homes. Also the framework for interoperability and data portability between the service providers is established.

„CTU is actively preparing for the role of coordinator. We are already responsible for a level playing field on comparison platforms. Gradually, we are putting together a team of experts and setting up the related processes. The execution of the newly entrusted competences will also require quality experts, and this naturally requires adequate financial resources. As the first step, we aim to thoroughly map the Czech market of intermediary service providers and discuss with them actively.  In the first phase, we will give the priority to the necessary education. That´s why we are planning to organise a meeting with stakeholders soon, where we will provide a space for the mutual debate on the optimal setting of supervision. This is a way that has proven to be successful in other areas of our competence," said Marek Ebert, CTU Council Chairman.


Tereza Meravá
Czech Telecommunication Office