Mobile network coverage of the motorways

In 2021, CTU performed re-measurements of the mobile network coverage of the motorways in the Czech Republic. The results showed that the coverage of all three mobile operators on all the motorways is very good. 

The measuring vehicle went through all the motorways in both directions and the measurement was performed on a per-second basis. Thus, CTU obtained the data with a density of every 25 meters.The data shows that there are sharp lines between the covered and uncovered parts. In case there are more consecutive places like these, users can view the whole area as the one without the coverage due to a lack of time for the mobile telephones to get connected.

The operators´ commitment from the spectrum auction for the LTE networks stipulates the following obligations. The operators are obliged to cover 50% of the motorway network in total until 5 years (in 2019) and to cover 100% of the motorway network until 7 years (in 2021) after the decision on block allocation of frequencies became effective. 100% coverage of the motorway network means the availability of the service in more than 90% of all measured parts.The measurement proved that all the operators have met the obligation.    

For the purpose of presenting the results of the measurement, the measured values were processed in an application which is publicly available on:

Files are available only in czech version.