The system for measuring quality of infrastructure and services

Project CZ.31.1.0/0.0/0.0/22_013/0005074

SYSTEM FOR MEASURING QUALITY OF INFRASTRUCTURE AND SERVICES is supported by EU funding through the National Recovery Plan. 

The subject of the project is the acquisition of measurement equipment, software and other important equipment. The aim of the project is to obtain better information about availability and quality of 5G networks and very high capacity networks ("VHCN") providing services at a fixed location, and to complete the measurement of quality of electronic communications networks in all 76 districts in the Czech Republic and in the capital city. The outcome of the project will enable better targeting of support for the deployment of fixed VHCN and 5G networks, better regulatory action by the national regulator and, as a result, it maximises access to data services through internet connectivity for citizens, undertakings, public authorities and institutions.