CTU Council

Marek Ebert, Chair of the Council of the Czech Telecommunication Office


Mr. Marek Ebert was born on 25 November 1963.

He graduated from the University of Transport and Communications in Žilina (now the University of Žilina). His major was operation and economics of communications.

Mr. Marek Ebert has been working at CTU since 1993, when CTU was still a part of the former Ministry of Economy. Initially, he worked as Head of Department for North Bohemian Region, since 2001 he held a post of Director of Department for Regulation of Telecommunications Networks and Services, and since 2007 he is the Director of Regulation Section.

For a long time, he has been interested in effective tools to promote competition and technological innovation on the telecommunication market.

His hobbies include recreation sport and spending time at his country chalet. He also enjoys travelling.

As of 1 April 2020, he has been appointed CTU Council Member by the government with a term until 2025.


Jiří Peterka, CTU Council Member


Jiří Peterka, Member of the Council of the Czech Telecommunication OfficeMr. Jiří Peterka was born on 14 January 1958 in Prague. He graduated in Electronic Computers at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the Czech Technical University in Prague, and in Computer Science at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics of the Charles University in Prague. Since completion of his studies he remained an active lecturer at the latter and specialises in computer networks and Internet technologies.

Until 1996 he worked as a senior consultant in computer networks and telecommunications at DCIT, Prague. Later, he became an independent expert and journalist, focusing on telecommunications, the Internet, e-Government, information society and technology in general.

He is also active in the area of electronic (digital) signatures, and in 2011 authored a book named „The Wonderful World of Electronic Signatures“.

His hobbies include writing about modern technologies. He is a fan of early Internet history and takes care of his Museum of the Czech Internet (at www.muzeuminternetu.cz). He is happily married and has two adult children.

In June 2015 he was appointed CTU Council member by the Government of the Czech Republic until 2020. As of 8 June 2020, the government extended his mandate for another 5 years term.



Lukáš Zelený, CTU Council Member


Mr. Lukáš Zelený was born on 14 October 1987. He graduated at the Faculty of Law at the Charles University.  Since completion of his studies he remained an active lecturer at the Charles University, as well as at the University of Economics. Until recently he worked as a Executive of Legal Department of consumer association dTest. He is a Chairman of the Consumer Consultative Committee of the Ministry of Industry and Trade and a Member of Interministerial Working Group for Pritorities of Consumer Policy for Years 2015-2020.

He is interested in consumer protection, mainly distance contracts.

In june 2019 he was appointed a CTU Council Member by the Government of the Czech Republic until 2024.





Jiří Šuchman, CTU Council Member


Mr. Jiří Šuchman was born on 17 July 1964 in Prague.

He graduated in foreign trade economics at the Faculty of Commerce of the University of Economics in Prague. Electronic communications have permeated his professional life since 1992. He has worked in telecommunications companies mainly in managerial positions. From 2014 to 2020 he served as President of the Association of Mobile Network Operators and since 2019 he has been a member of the Council of Czech Radio.

He has been appointed CTU Council member by the government in October 2022 for 5 years.