Radio spectrum

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According to Electronic Communications Act, the radio spectrum means electromagnetic waves with a frequency up to 3000 GHz, propagated in space without special lines.

Radio spectrum utilisation is governed by the following regulations:

at international level:

regulations in the Czech Republic:

Basic obligations

for the use of radio frequencies and for the operation of any radio broadcasting equipment, under the Electronic Communications Act:

  1. To use frequencies based only on individual or general authorisation (Section 9 et seq; Section 17 et seq. of the Electronic Communications Act). 
  2. The equipment must comply with the set technical requirements (Section 73 et seq. of the Electronic Communications Act). 
  3. In addition, a professional competence certificate is required to operate equipment in aeronautical and marine operation, in shortwave band and for an amateur radiocommunication service.

Information about the allocation of radio frequencies and the use of individual frequency bands is to be found here:

Coverage maps of digital broadcasting, TV and 4G and 5G mobile networks are to be found here: