Radio spectrum utilisation plan

Last update: 31. 8. 2022


CTU, as the competent body of state administration according to Section 108(1)(b) of the Electronic Communications Act and Section 10 of the Administrative Procedure Code, on the basis of the results of public consultation undertaken according to Section 130 of the Act, the decision of the Council of the Office according to Section 107(8)(b)(2) and with regard to the execution of Section 16(2) of the Act, issues parts of the radio spectrum utilisation plan as measures of general nature.

Radio spectrum utilisation plan

The plan comprises a common part of the radio spectrum utilisation plan and parts of the radio spectrum utilisation plan for dedicated frequency bands determined by the lower and upper frequency limits.

In the radio spectrum utilisation plan (RSUP), CTU determines the technical parameters and conditions for the use of radio spectrum by radio communication services. The plan follows on the Plan of the Frequency Band Allocations (National Table of Frequency Allocations - NTFA).

See also Information about radio frequencies utilisation.



Only the texts in Czech language are legally binding. 
The unofficial translations are at one's disposal in English.
Radio Interface Specifications are integrated into RSUP (see below).

Parts of the Radio Spectrum Utilisation Plan