Table of frequency allocation

Frequency band allocation plan (National table of frequency allocation)

The Frequency Band Allocation Plan (National Table of Frequency Allocation – NTFA) has been published by the Government Decree No. 467/2021 Coll., in accordance with Article 150 (2) of the Electronic Communications Act, as amended  by the Act No. 110/2007 Coll., No, 153/2010 Coll., No. 214/2013 Coll. and No. 258/2014 Coll. to implement Article 16 (1) of the Electronic Communications Act.

The decree is the national application of the Radio regulations of the ITU and defines the frequency bands for the radio communications services and radio equipment, and the general conditions for the use of frequencies. It adopts terms and definitions set in the Radio regulations and changes adopted at the World radiocommunications conference of the ITU in 2019.

The plan also sets technical parameters of transmitting equipment, frequency allocation procedure, relations among different cathegories of frequency band allocations to radio communications services and national table of frequency allocation for the Czech Republic.

Communication of Ministry of Industry and Trade on frequency band allocation plan of 14 December 2021, published in Collection of laws under the number 467/2017 Coll.