PRESS RELEASE: DSA has been effective since 17 February. It will bring many benefits to users of digital services

Prague 15 February 2024 - On 17 February 2024, Regulation (EU) 2022/2065 on a single market for digital services and amending Directive 2000/31/EC (Digital Services Act) which significantly changing the rules for the operation of online intermediary services (internet service providers, caching services, online marketplaces, social networks, cloud services, online platforms, web hosting or online search engines) will enter into full effect. The DSA gives users of these services new rights that will give them greater control over the services they provide. Compliance with the new rules will be supervised by a Digital Services Coordinator - CTU. Its scope will be regulated by the Digital Economy Act, which will adapt the DSA Regulation in the Czech Republic and is currently being prepared by the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

"New competences in the digital agenda are a great challenge for us, but at the same time an opportunity to show that, in addition to users of electronic communications and postal services, we can also help users of digital services, as well as be a partner to their providers," said Marek Ebert, CTU Council Chairman.

"Digital services are part of our everyday lives. We use them not only for entertainment, but also in business. Our goal is to make the online environment as safe as possible, which is why we have prepared the Digital Economy Act, which will better protect users and help smaller companies to ensure a fairer environment for their business, " says Minister of Industry and Trade Jozef Síkela.

CTU, which will be the designated digital services coordinator in the Czech Republic, is actively preparing for this role. We are also communicating internationally with affected providers and those interested in the role of trusted flaggers and out-of-court dispute resolution entities. In addition, we are planning several thematic workshops to explain DSA to the public. We are preparing awareness-raising materials on DSA and planning a guide for affected entities. The activities that CTU can carry out even without the law in effect include, for example, assisting stakeholders with on-boarding to the Transparency Database, forwarding complaints against foreign providers to the coordinator of the relevant Member State, market mapping or forwarding information to the EC.