PRESS RELEASE Consumers’ view on the mobile market: Unlimited data used already by 22%, one in ten customers using MVNO services

Prague, 1 November 2023 – Czech Telecommunication Office in collaboration with a consultancy and a research agency had performed a survey followed by a study on consumer preferences and satisfaction when using mobile telecommunication services on retail market in the Czech Republic with focus on services for households. CTU will use the outcomes of the survey to assess mobile market as a whole. It will serve as a source information base for regulatory activities of CTU in the area of market development or consumer protection. There were 1.500 respondents participating in the survey. What were the major findings? 

The share of respondents using virtual operators (MVNOs) reached up to 11%respondents. As regards average expenses, 39% of the respondents spend for monthly operation of their private mobile phone (private SIM card) 200 to 499 CZK. Second largest group (21%) spend 500 to 799 CZK. 69% of the respondents stated they have been using the services of their main service provider for 5 years or longer, while there is no essential difference between respondents using a tariff or a prepaid SIM card. Up to 75% of the respondents would further recommend their main provider. In relation to quality of service received, the monthly costs spent on a private mobile phone (private SIM card) operation are perceived acceptable by 45% of the respondents, favourable by 20% and very favourable by 16%. In general, 81% of the respondents assess the ratio between price and quality of service positively.

“Consumers from the households' segment opt more often also for services of virtual operators. In this context, we can assess positively the development of the wholesale market conditions where, based on the 5G auction commitments, more attractive prices and other conditions are being introduced for alternative service providers,” stated CTU Council Chair, Marek Ebert. 

75 % of the respondents use private mobile phone with only one privately paid SIM card, i.e., one quarter of users have two SIM cards in their private mobile phones. Two thirds of respondents stated they use mobile data, while 65% use all - voice calls, SMS and data together, 10 % of the respondents are using services of voice calls and data (i.e., without SMS). Only 10% of the respondents use their mobile phone solely for voice calls. Unlimited data is used by 22% of the respondents. The second most purchased data volume, for both tariffs and prepaid package, is the 1 GB/month which is used by 11% of the respondents. Unlimited voice calls are used by 43% of the respondents. The second most purchased volume of voice calls, both for tariffs and prepaid packages, is 100 minutes/month which is used by 26% of respondents. 42% of the respondents use some package of various services from their main provider. 

The survey focused also on mobile apps usage. Consumers prefer WhatsApp which is used by 68% of the respondents. In comparison, SMS services are used by 79% of the respondents. Map navigation functions in mobile phones are used by 53% of respondents. 

The whole study can be found on our website in Czech language.