PRESS RELEASE: DAB+ radio frequencies now in auction

Prague, 23 October 2023 – CTU made a further step in the tender procedure for radio frequencies dedicated for DAB+ in the 174-230 MHz band by launching the auction phase of the tender, i.e. an electronic auction. CTU expects the block allocations to be granted by the end of the year. 

The auction is organised by using the combinatorial auction method and in four auction phases in which the auctioned blocks will be allocated to successful auction participants. The winning combination of offers will be designated individually for each auction phase – it will be such a combination of offers from auction participants which will bring the highest total value and, at the same time, the largest number of allocated auction blocks.  

First phase will be dedicated to allocation of auction blocks suitable for nationwide networks. Second phase will contain auction blocks for networks covering several regions and the third phase will allocate auction blocks for coverage of individual regions only. Participating in the first three phases is limited on the basis of a defined spectral limit with the aim to allow smaller players to enter the market and, at the same time, to make the maximum use of all block allocations across the Czech Republic. In fourth phase, auction blocks that were not allocated to any of the participants in the previous phases will be offered with no limiting conditions. 

Tereza Meravá
Czech Telecommunication Office