PRESS RELEASE: VPortal has a new Fixed service module.It shows Internet at a fixed location and its speeds

Prague, 04 December 2023 - A new version of the Visualisation Portal for telecommunication services, the so-called VPortal, was launched on 1 December 2023. VPortal is a comprehensive visualisation tool that serves users to compare the quality of telecommunications services in the Czech Republic. It is divided into individual modules according to the type of services. With the new version, the modules have been expanded to include the "Fixed Services" module. It displays the available connections that enable the provision of Internet access services at a fixed location. In addition, it also shows the results of user measurements of Internet speeds using the NetTest tool. Thus, VPortal currently offers five modules - Mobile Services, Fixed Services, Radio Services, TV Services and Development Criteria.

The "Fixed Services" module displays information about disposable connections from geographic data collection and displays it in a clear form to allow the user to obtain information about the availability of connection coverage. This allows the portal user to see what services are available in their area, on which technologies and with which speed profile. It should be noted that this is static data reflecting the coverage situation as of 31 December of the year in question, as indicated in the information panel. Information about disposable connections comes from undertakings that provide the connections/infrastructure, but these entities are not necessarily the same as retail Internet access providers. For example, several providers offer services on CETIN's connections. For all modules, a new "Information on click" panel has been added to the right side of the map, which allows the display of information for a given address point or other area. Furthermore, for all modules, when selecting a specific address point in the "Information on click" panel in the "Address points" tab, there is a link to the CTU comparison tool, which in the case of the Fixed Services and Television Services module takes you directly to the comparison tool page with the pre-filled address of the address point displayed on the VPortal map.

Tereza Meravá
Czech Telecommunication Office