PRESS RELEASE: CTU renewed inter-ministerial working group on spectrum

Prague, 24 March 2023 – CTU convened a meeting of the spectrum working group, where radio frequency users discussed the issue of development and strategy of radio frequency utilisation. Today, the group discussed the status of the preparation of 5G studies, conditions in the bands 26 GHz and 6 GHz, proposals for the upcoming radio spectrum management strategy and other issues.

With the participation of stakeholders, including representatives of the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the Ministry of Defence, mobile operators, associations representing internet service providers and expert advisors, the opportunities for the development of radio frequency utilisation were discussed, both in terms of national actions and the Czech Republic's involvement in international cooperation and harmonisation.

The first part of the meeting focused mainly on the proposals for the new radio spectrum management strategy. Among the proposals procedures for frequency sharing, new bands for 5G and other circuits were discussed. Discussion on the sector's expectations for spectrum management and the role of the forthcoming strategy was evolved as part of more general discussion points.

In the second part, the group deal with the upper part of the 6 GHz band in terms of opportunities for high-speed deployment and the question of what the best band utilisation is. The group should develop a joint opinion of CTU and spectrum users, on the basis of which it will be possible to formulate the position of the Czech Republic in international negotiations.

Press Unit
Czech Telecommunication Office
Tereza Meravá