PRESS RELEASE: NetTest Application for measuring the Internet speed in mobile phone now available for download

Prague, 5 December 2022 - After a year since the launch of the NetTest measurement tool, CTU launched the NetTest mobile application on 5 December 2022. For now, it is available only for mobile devices with the Android operating system*. In addition to the standard measurement in the form of a simple test, the app also offers the possibility to measure in a certified way.

The reason for raising a claim about the quality of internet service on a mobile device is a large discrepancy: this is a decrease in speed below 25% of the advertised speed; either for a continuous period of more than 40 minutes or repeatedly five times per hour.  The possibility to save the results of the certified measurement in a PDF will facilitate the claim.

How to properly measure the Internet speed in mobile phone by the NetTest application

Measurement should be carried out in an open environment, at a height of approximately 1.5 m and the device should not move. Of course, Wi-Fi must be switched off and GPS must be switched on. It should be noted that the measurement consumes a relatively high volume of data, depending on the speed of the mobile network, about 200 MB or more. Measurement carried out in a place with insufficient mobile signal level are marked as erroneous in the measurement result. It is recommended to repeat such measurements at the given location in case there is only a fluctuation in the level at the measurement location.

* This is the first official version of the application, so features may be limited or unavailable on some devices.