PRESS RELEASE: Invitation to tender for DAB+ networks

Prague, 1 August 2023 – CTU has launched a tender for DAB+ networks. The document with the full title Invitation to tender for granting of the rights to use radio frequencies to provide electronic communications networks for the provision of terrestrial digital radio broadcasting and multimedia applications in the 174–230 MHz band can be found on our website. Applicants may submit applications for the block allocations by 31 August 2023; a financial guarantee is required by the same deadline. The auction itself will take place in October. 

"The frequency band for FM broadcasting is almost utilised, this new platform will allow new programming players to enter the market. After several years of intensive work, the frequency band for DAB was coordinated during 2022 and can be utilised. In addition to the already successfully running digital broadcasting of Czech Radio, we will thus also enable the development of commercial DAB networks," said Marek Ebert, CTU Council Chairman

The tender sets out development criteria which should ensure not only the successful development of DAB broadcasting but also the efficient use of the allocated radio frequencies. The nationwide networks shall cover 50% of the population and motorways within 18 months and 80% of the population and motorways in another 12 months. Regional broadcasting shall cover 40% of the population of the relevant region within 24 months and 70% of the population of the region in another 24 months. 

The advantages of digital radio broadcasting include in particular the possibility to expand the range of nationwide broadcasting programmes. Another advantage is the possibility of better sound quality or various additional multimedia functions and applications for which the recipient does not need the internet. DAB should enable a significantly better quality and availability of reception on the move, especially in cars. All newly sold cars have been required for several years to include a DAB receiver.

Tereza Meravá
Czech Telecommunication Office