PRESS RELEASE: VPortal now reveals how operators cover white areas according to commitments or where most complaints about TV reception come from

Prague, 9 May 2023 - On 9 May 2023, several major innovations were launched on VPortal, a visualization tool operated by CTU. Now it is possible, for example, to view the coverage of individual TV transmitters or to find out where complaints about the signal originate and with what result the CTU has resolved them. There is also a category of development criteria, where it is possible to clearly filter how individual operators are fulfilling their auction commitments and covering previously uncovered or less covered areas with mobile signal.

A number of improvements have been made to the TV signal coverage display. The terrain is now better displayed, so it is easy to identify places on the map where the signal is worse due to the location in a valley, for example. VPortal now offers a list of all active TV transmitters and it is possible to view the range of each of them. The results of the CTU's coverage measurements have also become part of the VPortal and it is now possible to display also viewer complaints - both where they originated from and the result with which they were resolved.

The new "Development Criteria" module offers the possibility to view how individual operators (block allocation holders) are meeting the commitments from the 2017 and 2020 auctions regarding signal coverage for mobile services. These include coverage of municipalities, which are so-called "white areas", as well as improved coverage in cities or on railway or road corridors. The portal's website provides a detailed and clear overview of what commitments must be met by what date, and it is easy to see where the operator currently stands with the required coverage.

About VPortal

VPortal offers a comprehensive visualization tool which helps users to compare the quality of telecommunications services in the Czech Republic. The portal is divided into individual modules according to the type of services. It contains modules of mobile services (coverage by GSM, LTE and 5G networks), broadcasting services (information about the signal coverage of digital broadcasting services of DAB+ technology) and TV services (data on the availability of services of access to DVB-T2 national and regional digital television broadcasting).

The development of VPortal will continue during this year. Preparations are underway for the creation of a new module of fixed services, which will offer selected data on Internet access at a fixed location (disposable connections). At the same time, the website, which also provides information on digital signal coverage in the Czech Republic, will be gradually phased out. The information displayed on this website will be newly displayed on VPortal.