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After the establishment of the new European Commission in November 2019, Thierry Breton was appointed a Commissioner for Internal Market, which includes also the Digital Economy and Society. The responsibility for electronic communications was entrusted to the General-Directorate for Communications Networks, Content and Technology (DG CONNECT). The European Comission is empowered by a number of EU laws to set up its advisory committees and expert groups.


DG CONNECT is the umbrella directorate for the whole digital agenda which belongs to the main priorities of the current Commission. Main objective is Shaping Europe's digital future. The Commission's digital strategy also includes the setting of targets in the Digital Decade Policy Programme 2030  and the adoption of key regulations such as the Digital Markets Act (DMA), the Digital Services Act (DSA) and the Artificial Intelligence Act (AIA). In 2024, the White Paper "How to master Europe’s digital infrastructure needs?" was published. The current Commission has 3 main priorities: (1) technology that works for people, (2) a fair and competitive digital economy and (3) an open, democratic and sustainable digital society.

Advisory Committees

In the legislative area, the European Commission has advisory committees at its disposal. The relevant committees for the sector of electronic communications are: Communication Committee (COCOM), Radio Spectrum Committee (RSC), Telecommunication Conformity Assessment and Market Surveillance Committee (TCAM),  European Forum for Member States on public policies for security and resilience in the context of Critical Information Infrastructure Protection (EFMS) and Postal Directive Committee, Digital Services Committee and Digital Decade Committee. CTU participates in these committees together with the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

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