INVITATION to Public Stakeholder Workshop and the 2nd Stakeholder Forum of the ERGP

Event Date: 17 and 18 September 2019
Location: Thon Hotel, Rue de la Loi 75, 1040 Brussels
Organiser: ERGP and the European Commission

Stakeholders are invited to a one-day workshop hosted by the European Commission. The workshop will provide an opportunity to learn about, and discuss present and future needs of postal users, and the possible future role of postal universal services, or evaluation of the functioning of the Postal Services Directive.

The ERGP Stakeholders Forum is the meeting point for regulators, postal, digital, delivery and e-commerce sectors representatives. The emergence of new players in the e-commerce market offers new opportunities for consumers but it also creates new regulatory challenges. Therefore, the Forum will discuss how e-commerce is shaping the postal market and which regulation is needed.

Please register online by 5 September 2019.

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