PRESS RELEASE: 26 GHz band will be made acessible

Prague, 11 August 2020 – CTU has launched a public consultation on draft radio spectrum utilisation plan, namely the part related to frequency band of 24,25–27,5 GHz. It is one of the three bands designated in Europe for the deployment of 5G networks. After the 700 MHz and 3,4–3,8 GHz bands, this is the first millimetre-wave band for these networks.

In the draft, CTU proposes to make a compact range of 1 GHz in the 26 GHz band accessible for the provision of ultra-high-speed services.

By this step CTU aims to open a space for innovative utilisation of this band, including practical checks of new technical solutions, both for the purpose of providing publicly available services and other applications as well.

Comments can be submitted until 11 September 2020.


Press Unit
Czech Telecommunication Office