PRESS RELEASE: Monthly Monitoring Report No. 12/2021: What does the amendment to the Electronic Communications Act bring to undertakings; measurement results of the coverage of railway corridors and motorways

Prague, 21 December 2021- In the last monitoring report of this year, we again focused on the transposition amendment to the Electronic Communications Act - this time from the perspective of undertakings and we focused on some of the most significant changes. We also bring a more comprehensive report on the results of the measurement of corridor and motorway coverage. We also make it clear to consumers where they should turn in case of issues and questions regarding radio and television fees - CTU isn´t competent to deal with these issues.​ 

The selection of substantial changes includes, for example, a broader definition of electronic communications services, price advantages for voice services, and newly also the so-called reasonable Internet access not only for disabled persons but also for people with low incomes. There are also new obligations for undertakings towards consumers when changing their Internet access service provider or new information obligations when concluding a contract. We are also looking at changes in spectrum and in the security of networks and services.

The criteria of the auction of frequencies for LTE networks imposed coverage commitments on operators until 2021. Operators have met these commitments, more information can be found in both measurement reports, here and here. However, CTU has identified some persistent problems, such as signal inside railway cars or the existence of isolated uncovered areas where mobile phones may subsequently struggle to provide continuous communications.


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