Universal Postal Union (UPU) was established in 1874 by the Berne Convention and became a specialized agency of the United Nations in 1948.


The objective of the activities of the UPU is to ensure postal services organisation and improvement and to promote international co-operation in this area so that universal postal services are provided to users on the basis of unified rules at an appropriate quality and with the desired accessibility.


Each member agrees to apply the same terms for conducting international postal duties.

The Congress is the supreme authority of the UPU and has decision-making power. In the period between Congresses meetings the activity of UPU is managed by Council of Administration that is composed of representatives of Member States. Other bodies are Postal Operation Council (representatives of Member States elected during the Congress), Consultative Committee (non-governmental organizations registered in a member country and representatives of 8 Member States named by the Council of Administration and the Postal Operations Council), and International Bureau (Secretariat) with elected Director General.


The Congress meets every 4 years; Council of Administration and Postal Operation Council meet once a year.

Consultative Committee meets twice a year.

homepage http://www.upu.int/