Fees for Individual and Short-term Authorisations for the use of radio frequencies



Individual Authorisation (IA) 




administration fee1 for new IA
administration fee1 for change2 or extension 
fees for use of the radio frequencies
one-off fee
Broadcasting service 7000 CZK 500 CZK 3 3000 CZK
Fixed service 5000 CZK 500 CZK 3 3000 CZK
Amateur service  500 CZK 200 CZK 3 3000 CZK
others (radionavigation, terresterial and aeronautical mobile, radiolocation, maritime, sattelite service) 3000 CZK 500 CZK 3, 4 3000 CZK

account number



payment method code

  –bank transfer

  –postal order










payment identification code

10xxxxxx 5

10yyyyyy 6

zzzzyyyyyy 7

11xxxxxx 5,8

SWIFT code






CZ52 0710 0037 1100 6042 6011


CZ36 0710 0000 1900 6042 6011

1 Further information and tariff of administration fees here

2Application for a change of allocated frequency or its technical parameters, as well as application for a change of IA holder, is considered an application for granting a new IA. There is no fee for a withdrawal of IA. 

3 According to the Government Order No.154/2005 Coll., on determining the amount and method of calculating charges for using radio frequencies and numbers, as amended (last update on 1 January 2023).

4 The use of boat and aircraft stations, used exclusively for non-profit sports and recreational activities, shall be exempt from fees.

5 xxxxxx = first 6 characters of company registration number or date of birth in the format ddmmyy stated in the application

6 yyyyyy = number of the current individual authorisation (IA)

7 zzzz = year for which the payment is made; yyyyyy = number of the IA

8 For foreign payments insert date of commencement of use of the radio frequencies in the form yymmdd for xxxxxx. 


A copy of a document proving that the administration/ one-off charge has been paid (this does not have to be authenticated) is required to be enclosed with the application. 

Important: In case the payment (for the short-term authorisations) is made from abroad, it is necessary to ensure that the bank transfer fees are debited to the applicant´s account, not to the recipient´s account. The same is set out for certain domestic payments. Otherwise, if the whole required sum will not be paid, CTU cannot comply with the respective application and thus the authorisation cannot be awarded.