CTU has restored the spectrum block allocation of 2100 MHz to O2. It will also provide network operation for older phones.

Prague, 15 December 2021 – During these days, CTU issues a new block allocation of frequencies in the 2100 MHz band to O2 Czech Republic (the current one is valid until 1. 1. 2022). As part of the new allocation concept, CTU also imposed obligations in another band. In particular, the obligation to maintain the operation of 2G network until at least 2028, unless the share of all users using this older technology falls below 5% previously. For that time, the possibility of making calls e.g. from senior phones, which often do not cope with upper generation networks, is still maintained.

CTU Council Chair, Mrs. Hana Továrková, has reached a consensus with operator O2 which will be a benefit for the general public. "The negotiations have been difficult, and I am not afraid to call our approach innovative. We hereby thank O2 for reaching a consensus that will particularly benefit the elderly and the socially weaker persons," said Hana Továrková.

"It is in our interest to maintain the most attractive possible spectrum which enable us to continue deploying fast and high-quality 5G network. However, we also understand the need for an older 2G network suitable for basic phones, which we are prepared to continue to operate as well as ever, “says Václav Zakouřil, a member of the board of directors of O2.

In the following period, new block allocations will most likely be issued to other holders of allocations in the 2100 MHz band. All block allocations have been, and continue to be, technology neutral in accordance with European legislation, allowing their holders to innovate the technologies used to provide electronic communications services. In accordance with the current legislation, new block allocations shall be offered to their current holders at a price determined by an expert report which respects both the period of validity and the costs necessary to meet any new conditions imposed.

Press Unit
Czech Telecommunication Office
Tereza Meravá