Monthly Monitoring Report No. 10/2021: Last chance to comment on the proposed regulation; heavy fines for abuse of emergency lines

Prague, 19 October 2021 – 25 October 2021 will be the deadline for public consultation on the draft analysis of the wholesale market of access to mobile services (Market No. 3) will pass on.  This will be followed by the settlement of comments. The next necessary step for the proposed regulation of this market is notification to the European Commission. What else can you find in the monthly monitoring report for October? Perhaps information about the successful first month of operating the NetTest measurement tool, or that heavy fines are being imposed on anyone who will abuse emergency line.

In the draft analysis of the wholesale market of access to mobile services CTU concluded, that this market needs to be regulated, inter alia because the wholesale price of mobile data is consistently higher than the retail price, making it impossible for virtual operators to sustainably and profitably replicate the offers of network operators and offer services with higher volumes of mobile data. If the conclusions of the analysis are successfully notified to the European Commission, regulation of the trio of network operators (MNOs) could result in improved competition and ultimately lower mobile data prices for consumers. CTU calls all the stakeholders to send comments, suggestions or proposals on the proposed draft analysis.

Calls that have no place on the emergency lines include calls to wrong numbers, questions and complaints outside the framework of the Integrated Rescue System, nuisance calls from children or people under the influence of alcohol or addictive substances. These are non-emergency calls. The last and most serious case is the deliberate misuse of the emergency line, when a fictitious event is reported, and the Integrated Rescue System makes false calls. Under the legislation, a fine of up to CZK 200,000 may be imposed on an individual who makes malicious calls to an emergency number. In case of repeated abuse, the fine for the administrative offence is doubled.

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Czech Telecommunication Office