PRESS RELEASE: Comparison tool on price and quality of electronic communications services has been complemented by fixed services

Prague, 3 May 2021 – CTU has complemented a comparison tool on price and quality of electronic communications services by the possibility to compare prices of fixed services – Internet at a fixed location, calls at a fixed location and TV. Up to now, prices and parameters of call services, SMS and mobile internet could be compared. Comparison tool is already operating in full, for now it is in pilot operation.

Information on parameters and prices of services must be entered into the comparison tool by the providers of these services (operators, undertakings). They are also responsible for their correctness. CTU has received several dozen reports on erroneous information and is examining all of them and negotiating remedies with operators.

On the basis of provided parameters  (amount of consumption, type of contractual obligation required, address in case of a fixed service, etc.) consumers can individually choose the most suitable available service, while service providers can verify how competitive their offers are compared to other undertakings. More dynamic development of electronic communications market through the pressure of well-informed consumers on service providers shall be the main aim of the comparison tool.

More information is available on  where you can also try to use the comparison tool.