Public Consultations

In exercising its powers, CTU shall consult draft measures of general nature and decisions on prices, decisions having a significant effect on the relevant market, and other acts of CTU, if the obligation to consult is provided for by law with the entities concerned, in particular associations of end users and consumers, including the disabled, and associations of producers and undertakings operating electronic communications networks and/or providing services, in the form of public consultation.

The purpose of the consultation is, in accordance with the principles of transparency and objectivity, to obtain the comments, opinions and views of stakeholders on draft measures adopted by CTU.

For this purpose, a discussion site has been set up on CTU´s website, where the draft measures are published, comments can be submitted and the result of the consultation is published. Anyone whose rights, obligations or interests may be directly affected by CTU's draft measure may comment on the draft measure in a manner consistent with the consultation rules or submit written comments to CTU within a specified time limit.