PRESS RELEASE: Czech Telecommunication Office launched the 5G spectrum auction

Prague, 7 August 2020 – Today, CTU launched a tender under which, based on the results of the auction phase, the winning applicants will gain block allocations of radio frequencies in the 700 MHz and 3400–3600 MHz bands. At the same time, CTU published a table with settlement of comments received during the related public consultation.

By designing the tender conditions, CTU aims primarily on fostering competition, ensuring efficient use of radio frequencies and promoting technological innovation and rollout of future 5G networks. At the same time, CTU will also help to enable future PPDR communication.

To achieve these goals and after taking due account of the comments received during the public consultation, CTU included above all the following elements:

a) a compact range of 2x10 MHz in 700 MHz band is reserved for new entrants to the mobile market,

b) spectral limits are set for both the auctioned bands, in which the radio frequencies allocations so far gained by the auction participants are considered,

c) an obligation is set for the incumbent operators to provide national roaming services to the benefit of new entrants, if they fulfil the required condition of their own network deployment,

d) a commitment to lease frequencies is defined to support the development of Industry 4.0,

e) development criteria are defined to support fast deployment of new networks, including coverage of highway and railway corridors,

f) conditions for provision of PPDR communication services are set for a future contract with the Ministry of the Interior.

Conditions of the tender were designed by CTU by using the experience with analytical approach to the electronic communications market, knowledge gained during the repeated public consultation and consultation with the Office for the Protection of Competition and National Cybersecurity Agency. Complete documentation was published in the Telecommunication Bulletin and on the Electronic Notice Board.

Applications to the tender may be delivered to CTU until 30 September 2020. The following day, the envelopes will be opened and the applicants will be informed, whether they have fulfilled the conditions of participation. Successful applicants will be invited to the auction phase.

Press Unit
Czech Telecommunication Office