Evidence of stations according to VO-R

Web portal to keep record of stations in 5,2 GHz, 5,8 GHz and 60 GHz band

The web portal (https://rlan.ctu.cz) is used to submit notifications on the use of radio frequencies by fixed outdoor installations in bands 5,2 GHz, 5,8 GHz and 60 GHz, given by the General Authorisation No.  VO-R/12/03.2021-3 for the use radio frequencies and for the operation of equipment for broadband data transmission in the bands 2.4 GHz–71 GHz.

The reason for introducing the registration of stations in band 5,2 GHz is the protection from interfering with other radiocommunication stations. The protection is based especially on keeping the records of the overall number of these stations operated in the Czech Republic in outer environment, in order to ensure that the total effect of radiation is not exceeded. The conditions of protection are summarized in the ITU Resolution 229.    

Band 5,8 GHz or some of its sub-bands are, or could be, used by military radars and additional electronic road toll systems. Therefore, CTU decided to define static geographic circular areas with prohibition to operate stations (protective areas) and remove these from the possibility of mutual coexistence of individual applications utilizing the same or adjacent frequencies. Therefore, the condition of notification on the Office’s Portal applies to the outside stations. The notification does not apply to stations with integrated antenna where their producer indicated maximal e.i.r.p. up to 200 mW. At the same time, CTU can define temporary protective areas depending on the use of primary radiocommunication services (especially radiolocation).

In the 60 GHz band, for the promotion of lower probability of mutual interference, the web portal has several functions which will allow the providers of broadband data transmission stations to optimize mutual sharing. One of these functions is so-called coordination calculator, which serves as an indicative tool to look up suitable conditions for mutual compatibility and sharing.

To make the calculation and indication of potential mutual interference (to optimize mutual sharing) possible, it is necessary to notify technical specification of the stations when notifying thereof. The range of required data is defined in a relevant part of the General Authorisation VO-R/12.

Using defined range of registered (notified) data, in this case so called MAC Wireless address  of the station, CTU targets on the need to ensure an easier identification of stations by the control bodies of the Office in cases where the local investigation is in process, e.g. in relation to appearance of harmful interference. In such cases, the remote identification of properly notified stations decreases the administrative burden on entities operating stations in the given area and other entities in relation to requests to provide data by other persons, e.g. property owners or end-users. As a result, the notification condition increases the effectivity of Office’s control activities without putting unnecessary burden on undertakings and citizens.

You have to submit the notification for use of radio frequencies before you actually start to use them, however, not earlier than 5 business days ahead. To submit the notification, you need to register to the portal.

Web portal to keep record of P-P links in 71–76 GHz and 81–86 GHz

The web portal ESD II is used to submit notification based on the General Authorisation No. VO-R/23/08/2017-6 for the use of radio frequencies and for the operation of fixed service equipment in 71–76 GHz and 81–86 GHz frequency bands.

To submit the notification, you need to fill out given electronic form (ZFO) and submit it via web portal ESD II. Submitted form can be re-downloaded from the web portal ESD II and amended. By submitting the completed form, you fulfil your notification obligation given by the General Authorisation.

You can also make amendments to already submitted form. In such a case, you need to consider possible impact of the change, because some changes in notified technical parameters, e.g., change in broadcasted radio frequency, can affect updating the commencement date for using the radio frequencies in given area. After amending submitted form, you need to re-submit it via web portal ESD II.

The given form is available only after you sign in to the web portal ESD II. To sign in, you need to register, i.e., you need to have log in details. You will receive these details after successful registration.

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