Section 6(1) of the Act No. 194/2017 Coll., on measures to reduce the cost of deploying high-speed electronic communications networks and on amendments to certain related acts („the Act“) provides that the authorised person (Section 2 letter d) of the Act) is entitled to be given the minimum data set on physical infrastructure of the obligated persons (Section 2 letter c)) to an extent of the planned project on deploying an element of the high-speed electronic communications networks.

The minimum data set includes:

  • elementary technical parameters and determination of a type of the physical infrastructure,
  • geometric, height and positional determination of the physical infrastructure; the graphic part shall be provided as a vector schema in the coordinate system of the Uniform Trigonometric Cadastral Network,
  • data on the current use of the physical infrastructure,
  • identification of the obligated person and contact details.

The Act (Section 6 paragraph 2) provides that an application for the minimum data set shall be submitted by the entitled person at CTU in writing (except for standard paper form it can also be made in electronic form). In the application, the authorised person shall give reasons as regards scope of the required data for the planned project.

The authorised person shall describe thoroughly the area of the planned project, primarily by stating the land register reference of the lands where the access and termination points for the lines of the high-speed electronic communication networks are located. Furthermore, the authorised person shall specify in as much detail as possible the data on the physical infrastructure which is applied for.

The Act does not set out a form of the application, therefore there is no obligation of CTU to publish any template. Nevertheless, to make the process of providing the minimum data set easier and faster CTU established the application form according to Section 6 of the Act, which can be used by the authorised persons when submitting the application. The form is designed to include all the information important for processing the application. The form will be kept up-to-date by CTU to correspond future practical experience. CTU is ready to add forms for other situations when sbumitting the application to CTU is presumed by the Act as well.

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