Monthly Monitoring Report No. 01/2022: CTU´s plan in 2022; „Roam Like at Home“ remains, changes in number management will strengthen consumer protection

Prague, 20 January 2022 - In the first monitoring report of this year, we traditionally outline the CTU's plan of activities for the next year. Consensus among the European Parliament, the EU Council and the European Commission has ensured the prolongation of the current "Roam Like at Home" principle until 2032. CTU has new competences in number management, and an amendment to the Electronic Communications Act further simplifies the process of transferring rights to use numbers. The issue of terminating a contract in electronic communications upon the death of a subscriber is also addressed.

In 2022, CTU will focus in particular on putting into practice the transposition amendment to the Electronic Communications Act, which has brought many innovations for consumers and undertakings. A timely and functional implementation is key for us, especially in the area of Internet access services or strengthening consumer protection in the area of contractual terms and conditions.

The European Parliament, the Council of the EU and the European Commission have agreed to prolong the current 'Roam Like at Home' system until 2032. Under this framework, EU citizens cannot be charged extra for calls or data used when travelling within the EU, or only under very strict conditions. The regulation shall also bring new benefits.

Changes in number management will strengthen consumer protection - giving consumers greater certainty that number portability and subsequent use will be free from the inconveniences that have so far been experienced in the rare cases detailed in the monitoring report.


Press Unit
Czech Telecommunication Office
Tereza Meravá