Organisation structure

Like other central bodies of state administration, CTU has a separate chapter in the state budget. CTU is an accounting entity.

CTU has a five-member Council. The Chair of the Council is one of the members. The members and the Chair of the Council are appointed and withdrawn by the Government of the Czech Republic on proposal submitted by the Minister of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic. The Council members’ term of office is five years. One member of the Council is appointed every year. A member of the Council is appointed the Chair of the Council for the period remaining to the end of their term but not for longer than three years.

Place of residence of CTU is Prague. CTU performs its functioning by its sections, departments, and units. The departments for the South Bohemian, West Bohemian, North Bohemian, East Bohemian, South Moravian, and North Moravian regions are detached departments of CTU located outside Prague.



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