PRESS RELEASE: The amendment to the Electronic Communications Act was approved

Prague, 15 September 2021 - The Chamber of Deputies overruled the Senate today and approved by a majority of 137 the transposition amendment to the Electronic Communications Act in its original version. The amendment will now go to the President of the Czech Republic for his signature. This is the implementation of the European Code into Czech law. Firstly, it is about enhancing consumer protection and its unification within the European market.

Quick and simple change of Internet provider, strengthening privacy protection, more conceptual support for disabled people or setting conditions for easier deployment of electronic communications networks. These are just some of the changes that this amendment brings. One of the most visible changes, not only for consumers, is stricter rules on nuisance marketing calls. Currently, a person who does not wish to be inconvenienced by marketing calls must actively express their disagreement in a so-called public directory. The new principle will be reversed. It will automatically be assumed that marketing calls cannot be made because the participant does not want them. On the contrary, if they wish to be contacted by these types of calls, they will be able to give their active consent in the directory.

"The approved amendment will ensure better provability and thus the possibility to punish possible violations of the law, and thus clearly empowering Czech consumers. There will also undoubtedly be some cultivation of the business environment and its settlement for companies that do not abuse the unacceptable practices today,“ explains Lukáš Zelený, a member of the Council of the Czech Telecommunication Office.

Other important changes include facilitating market entry by reducing some barriers, in particular by improving access to limited resources (numbers or frequencies), and by providing better conditions for easier deployment of electronic communications networks and provision of services.

We have worked hard together with our partners for a long time to adopt the transposition amendment to the Electronic Communications Act. Its approval will allow the development of a field as dynamic as electronic communications. We are therefore very pleased that the amendment has been adopted and we believe that not only consumers will benefit from their newly acquired rights," said Hana Továrková, CTU Council Chair.


Press Unit
Czech Telecommunication Office
Tereza Meravá