Price Barometer

A price barometer of electronic communication services shows the development of the prices of selected electronic communications services, that is mobile sevices and fixed Internet access. The methodology used until the end of 2017 was modified in 2018 in its consumer basket part for monitoring the prices of mobile services.

Since 2018, the method used for mobile services is the OECD method of consumer baskets. It compares prices for selected consumer baskets, taking into account the size of individual parts of the packet. Calculation of the prices follows data provide by the company Strategy Analytics. Concerning the mobile service, also a development of an average price for a call per minute is available for all mobile operators (including MVNO).

The price barometer for mobile Internet access services shows the development of the prices of services divided into individual speed categories based on the data limit for the four largest mobile operators. The distinguishing criteria in case of fixed Internet access service is a download speed for the three largest mobile oeprators, that also provide fixed Internet access, and the largest cable access provider.

The aim of the price barometer is not to compare offers of individual electronic communications service providers and help users choose the most suitable offer, but to provide information about development over time.

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