What disputes CTU solves and when you can contact us

In addition to disputes between providers, the Czech Telecommunication Office also resolved disputes between persons undertaking communication activities on one side and a subscriber (or user) on the other (so called subscriber disputes). CTU resolves these disputes based on a proposal by either party of the dispute, if the dispute concerns obligations imposed by the Electronic Communications Act.

CTU resolves not only disputes among subscribers (e.g. subscriber disputes concerning the obligation to pay a billing statement) but also disputes concerning the objections against a claim settlement in both electronic communications and postal services.

Do you disagree with the claim settlement or was the claim not settled in a timely manner?

If the provider of electronic communications or postal services does not accept or settle a claim in the time limit laid down by law, you are entitled to raise an objection against a claim settlement with CTU. The objection must be submitted no later than one month of the date of receiving a claim settlement result or of the date on which the time limit for its settlement expires without any result. CTU will decide such dispute in proceedings on objections.

What requirements shall an objection have?

Proposal to initiate proceedings on an objection against a claim settlement shall consist of these requirements:

  • Identification of the claimant (the case of a natural person name, surname, date of birth, place of permanent residence, or other address for mail delivery).
  • Identification of defendant (provider of electronic communications services or operator of postal services)
  • A description of the case, including identification and documentation of the alleged facts that must be proven (for postal services, e.g. identification of the postal item by posting number including photo documentation, invoices for damaged goods, etc.)
  • Draft decision (e.g. reducing the billing statement by a certain amount)

How to submit an objection?

  • in written form or orally on the record at relevant local CTU department ( optimally according to your place of residence)
  • in an electronic form, via e-mail with authorised e-signature or in the CTU data mailbox. More information can be found here.

You can also use the form to submit a proposal. The proposal must be signed (a handwritten signature on the physically submitted document or a recognised e-signature on an email submitted via a data mailbox). Any submission sent by e-mail without a recognised e-signature cannot have legal effects. In case the submission is acknowledged or completed by one of the abovementioned options within 5 days, it may also be initially made by other technical means, in particular by telex, telefax or public data network without the use of an authorised e-signature.

More details about how to properly raise an objection against a claim settlement can be found in the Monitoring Report No. 3/2021.

Are the proceedings subject to the fee?

The proceedings are subject to an administrative fee of CZK 100. The CTU shall award a party who has been fully successful in the case the costs necessary to exercise or defend a right against a party who has not been successful in the case.

Does the submission of an objection have a suspensory effect on the obligation to pay the billing statement?

Please note that neither raising a claim nor raising an objection against a claim settlement has a suspensory effect on the obligation to pay the billing statement when it is due. However, it is possible to request to defer the payment while the claim and objection are being solved. If the Czech Telecommunications Office approves such a request, the billing statement may be paid after the objection has been resolved.

Are you solving another dispute with the provider of electronic communications services?

If the dispute relates to obligations imposed by or under the Electronic Communications Act, it is possible to submit a proposal for dispute resolution with the CTU pursuant to Section 129(1) of the Electronic Communications Act. Requirements of the submission, including the means in which the submission may be made, are the same as in the case of proceedings about an objection against a claim settlement (see above). In administrative proceedings, CTU subsequently decides the dispute between the provider and the subscriber (user).

The administrative fee in the case of submission for dispute resolution, except for a dispute over the payment obligation, is CZK 200; if the dispute concerns payment obligations, the administrative fee is 4% of this amount, but not less than CZK 200.

Do you have a question, or would you like to send an informal complaint?

Alternatively, you can use another form of submission, namely an informal complaint or enquiry, e.g. in a situation where the consumer just needs information or advice. Such a submission can also be used if the claim has not been submitted or if the time limits have expired ineffectively. Such a submission can be made, for example, via the contact form.

The Czech Telecommunications Office deals with any relevant initiative; the means of submission is not decisive. Submission of an informal enquiry or complaint may result in information, advice or help to gain a opinion from the service provider. It is not uncommon for the Czech Telecommunications Office to launch, for example, an inspection or administrative proceedings against a provider or operator on the basis of such an initiative.