Applying for short-term authorisation

General Information

According to Article 25 of the Electronic Communications Act the short-term authorisation for the use of radio frequencies can be granted:

  • for a necessary period, of maximum 15 days; period of validity cannot be extended;
  • for one-off purposes that cannot be envisaged in advance, in particular to ensure radio communication of important persons´ security escorts, TV and radio broadcasting from unforeseen events and for territorially limited radio communication during sporting, cultural and social events;
  • if the required frequencies are available and no harmful interference is caused by their use.

CTU does not grant such an authorisation in case the required frequencies can be used on the basis of the general authorisation (usually e.g. wireless microphones, short range devices -SRD). Details on general authorisations.

Information on use of radio frequencies for more than 15 days on the basis of the individual authorisation can be found on:

Individual authorisations for THE use of radio frequencies (authorisations for experimental use included)


How to apply for a short-term authorisation

  • The application for a short-term authorisation can be filed in electronic way without a recognized electronic signature. As the applicants normally have an interest in quick processing of their applications we recommend sending each application for the individual authorisation for SNG purposes also via e-mail to

Notice: Please, do not send the applications to individual e-mail addresses of the CTU staff. Such applications may not be processed in time (vacations, desease). Steps how to submit the application are mentioned above.

  • There is generally no form for applying for a short-term authorisation (for some situations there are some forms recommended – see below). The mandatory requirements for the applications are as follows:






name of the company or name and place of business of the branch in the Czech Republic

only for legal persons pursuing business activities


name and surname

only for natural persons, pursuing business activities or not


company registration number

if awarded


name, surname and place of residence of the person authorised to act on behalf of the legal person

only for legal persons


place of business/ place of residence (place of business)



date of birth

only for natural persons


data on radio frequencies that are requested, including their technical parameters and purpose of their use

scope of the data in the application is set out in the Measure of General Nature No. OOP/13/06.2008-6 and is stated in the interactive electronic forms for individual authorisations


determination of the anticipated territory for the use of radio frequencies



requested period for the use of radio frequencies



further data according to the specific details for various types of utilisation

see below

  • The application must be delivered to CTU sufficiently in advance, or 3 days at least, prior to the required term of the launch of using the radio frequencies. In case of a delayed submission CTU may not be able to process the application in time. CTU warns that use of the radio frequencies without valid authorisation (short-term or individual one) is an administrative offence and user of the frequencies can be penalised.
  • The applicant is obliged to pay the one-off charge in the amount of 3000 CZK for using the radio frequencies and prove the payment upon filing the application - banking details and procedures. A copy of a document proving that the charge has been paid (this does not have to be verified officially) is required to be enclosed with the application.

Note: Amount of 3000 CZK is related to one short-term authorisation regardless number of frequencies assigned. If there is an intention to use the radio frequencies e.g. from various places (e.g. two SNG transmission vehicles), two short-term individual authorisations will be an outcome of the administrative proceedings. In case of the fixed radio connections (Point-to-Point or Point-to-Multipoint) the charge of 3000 CZK is paid for one single fixed radio connection.

Specific types of short-term authorisations

SNG transmissions

SNG (Satellite News Gathering) represents the use of radio frequencies for a (world-wide) reporting on major events (sport, concerts, TV news etc.). Transmitting radio devices enabling a duplex video and audio transmission are usually located on the transmitting vehicles and mostly use the antennas directed to the geostationary satellites.

It is advisable to use the form available in Czech or English. If not possible to use the form, all the data required in the form must be stated.

Fixed service, Point-to-Point or Point-to-Multipoint connections

We recommend using the form 13P (Point-to-Point) and 13E (Point-to-Multipoint).


  • In case of any questions contact us by telephone.