Marketing calls – contact us

Do you want to complain about a marketing call which you consider to be unauthorised? (Have you not given your consent in a public directory, are you not aware that you have given your prior consent to the company in question, and is it not your service provider, e.g. bank, operator, energy supplier, doctor, etc.? More information can be found here – manual for unsolicited calls.)

You can use all the forms of submission (submission options), the easiest way is to send an e-mail to, or fill in the contact form - here.

In case of this form of submission, it is not necessary for the document to be signed with an electronic signature. Please provide us with the following information through this submission:

1) your name and surname

2) the date and time of the call

3) the caller's number

4) the number from which the call was made

5) the name of a company, if you know it

6) the purpose of the call - marketing

7) the name of your operator

8) a contact at which we can reach you to complete your complaint.

Without this information, we cannot investigate the complaint and, if necessary, initiate an investigation.