PRESS RELEASE: CTU launches a campaign “Pay only for the real speed”

Prague, 20 September 2021 – Shortly after having launched the NetTest tool for the measurement of Internet access service quality, CTU starts an information campaign “Pay only for the real speed”.

At CTU website, consumers can find all the relevant information such as a two-minute educative video (available also at CTU´s YouTube channel), a guide for Internet access speed measurement and for raising claims in form of a PDF brochure. This guide will lead everyone through the whole process, step-by-step, in a well understandable manner, and provide links to useful templates of sumbmissions etc. A contact for any potential questions is also provided at the webpage.

Within the campaign, a 30-minutes spot will be run by Česká televizi (Czech TV) and Český rozhlas (Czech Radio). Both the spots and the video have been produced for CTU by FRMOL agency. First part of the campaign will last until the end of November and will be assessed afterwards

The main face of the campaign is Mr Otakar Brousek jr. During preparation of the film he said: “Formerly, no consumer protection existed here at all and one could not be heard. Unfortunately, many people still think that not much has changed in this respect; that there is no place to turn to, to ask or no means of defence. Thanks-God for projects like this which are popping up. Even if the only message was that I could raise a claim in case I did not get what I´d paid for. Capacity building in this area, for elderly generation above all, is very beneficial. I have my personal experience, regarding my mum and also myself personally, that it is quite easy to fall for a misleading offer.” His personal experience was the reason why he found the campaign important.