Electronic data collection (ESD) - electronic communications


Legal authorisation and purpose of data collection

The CTU's authorisation to collect data derives from Section 115 (1) of Electronic Communications Act, which provides that the obliged person shall submit to CTU, upon the CTU’s request and within the determined reasonable period, in the form, and to the extent as specified by CTU, complete and true information, including financial information, as well as data and supporting evidence, which may be needed to carry out the activities for which CTU is responsible on the basis of this Electronic Communications Act.

According to Section 115 (2) of the Electronic Communications Act, obliged persons have to provide CTU with true and complete information on regular basis, as of 30 June and 31 December through a software application on an electronic form. According to Section 115 (1) of the Electronic Communications Act, an obliged person is a person performing communication activities and other relevant persons operating in the electronic communications sector or in a sector closely related to the electronic communications sector or a public authority. Information requirements are further regulated in compliance with Section 115 (3) of the Electronic Communications Act.

The forms published in the software application - Electronic Data Collection System (hereinafter only "ESD System"), are used for the collection of data for carrying out analyses of relevant markets, international reporting, the performance of the State Statistical Service and for geographical mapping pursuant to Section 115a of the Electronic Communications Act. CTU uses the collected data for its activities and submits them to other state administration authorities and usually in aggregated form to international organisations, in particular to European Union institutions, most often to the European Commission.

The obligation to submit the requested information to CTU is fulfilled by submitting the forms exclusively in electronic form through the ESD system, i.e. not by submitting them in paper form or via electronic mail.

Information about the ESD system and how to register

The ESD system is an information system of CTU with secure access using electronic forms to collect the required data from obliged persons. They offer a user-friendly way of filling in, enabling automatic checks of completed fields, their summarisation and other functionalities.

ESD system and relevant electronic forms are available on the website:


The ESD system is accessible only to registered users. Specific procedures for registration in the ESD system are laid down in Decree No. 52/2022 Coll., on the technical and organisational conditions for the use of the software application and the electronic form for data collection in electronic communications.

The procedure for obtaining access to the ESD system for an "authorised person" who acts on behalf of an obliged person is as follows:

According to Section 115 (3) of the Electronic Communications Act, the completed application for access to the ESD system in PDF format is necessary to be downloaded and sent via one of the means listed below:

1. electronically to the CTU data mailbox (the signature of the person authorised to act on behalf of the obliged person is replaced by sending via the obliged person's data mailbox):

ID of the CTU data mailbox: a9qaats

2. in a paper form with a certified signature of a person authorised to act on behalf of the obliged person physically to the CTU address:

Český telekomunikační úřad
poštovní přihrádka 02
225 02 Praha 025

3. by e-mail with recognised electronic signature of the person authorised to act on behalf of obliged person

e-mail address of the CTU: podatelna@ctu.cz

After receipt of a correctly and fully completed application by the obliged person (applicant), access to the ESD system will be activated for the authorised person. The ESD system will inform the authorised person about the activation to the e-mail address indicated in the application for access to the ESD system, or by SMS message if the applicant has chosen this method of communication in the application.

After activating access in the ESD system, the authorised person can create and subsequently administer the access on behalf of the obliged person for up to 3 so-called designated persons, who can only fill in and submit the forms.

Changing the authorised person for the ESD system can also be done through the Application for access to the ESD system.

Form templates published in the ESD system are to be found here: https://ctu.gov.cz/en/model-forms. These templates are for information only. The obliged person is always informed about allocation of a new form by the ESD system via an e-mail message sent to the electronic address of the authorised person (which they indicate in the application for access to the ESD system) and to the addresses of the designated persons, or by SMS.

CTU manages the obtained data in accordance with the legal regulations, emphasizing in particular correct handling of personal data and data representing business secrets.

Questions about the transmission of information, data and documents through the ESD system shall be addressed to monitoringtrhu@ctu.cz.

How to fill in ART forms (in CZ language only)

ART232 form - Services provided in electronic communications (data for 2023)
  • Instructions for obtaining a list of address points from the VDP ČÚZK - To prepare a CSV file used to import geographical data into individual annexes of the ART222 form, it is necessary to use a list of address points including their codes according to RÚIAN. This manual briefly describes the procedure of obtaining a list of address points in a specific location within the application of a Public Remote Access (VDP) available on ČÚZK website, by using the specified parameters or marking the area on the map of the Czech Republic with the possibility to subsequently export the selected address points. Lists of address points registered in RÚIAN, divided by individual municipalities of the Czech Republic, can also be found here.

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Files are available only in czech version.