VÝZVA k uplatnění připomínek k návrhu opatření obecné povahy, části plánu využití rádiového spektra č. PV-P/11/XX.2021-YY pro kmitočtové pásmo 27,5–33,4 GHz

Český telekomunikační úřad (dále jen „Úřad“) zpracoval k provedení § 16 odst. 2 zákona č. 127/2005 Sb., o elektronických komunikacích a o změně některých souvisejících zákonů (zákon o elektronických komunikacích), návrh opatření obecné povahy – část plánu využití rádiového spektra č. PV-P/11/XX.2021-YY pro kmitočtové pásmo 27,5–33,4 GHz.

Úřad v tomto opatření stanoví technické parametry a podmínky využití rádiového spektra radiokomunikačními službami v části rádiového spektra vymezené kmitočty 27,5–33,4 GHz.

Připomínky k záměru lze uplatnit do 12. prosince 2021.

čj. ČTÚ-48 388/2017-619
oddělení pro tvorbu koncepcí a strategií

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OneWeb is a global

10.12.2021 - 17:02 Peng Zhao

OneWeb is a global telecommunications provider, with main European Union office in Luxembourg. The OneWeb system will provide low latency, high capacity, connectivity solutions to customers through a new generation of low-earth orbit (LEO) satellites. OneWeb believes that satellite systems have a key role to play in a multi-network broadband ecosystem, often in a complementary way to terrestrial telecommunication solutions.

OneWeb is being deployed worldwide and the OneWeb commercial services in northern Europe will start at the end of this year. OneWeb sells satellite capacity on a wholesale, business-to-business model, and our distribution partners are the telecom service providers and mobile network operators in each country, along with large enterprises and government institutions itself, all of whom then provide broadband internet connections directly to unconnected, underserved end-users and citizens.

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the critical nature of the digital infrastructure to the economy and communities of every nation including those in rural and remote areas. Lockdowns and quarantine measures across the world in the wake of COVID-19 are creating an increasing gulf: it has accelerated adoption of home working, digital health care, fintech and remote education for the connected population. However, the same jobs, education, and public services are not accessible to the unconnected. As a result, the wealth prospect difference is growing larger the longer the pandemic lasts.

Partnerships between satellite and terrestrial operators are key to improve the access and affordability. Only by using LEO satellite constellations will universal service be truly achieved across Ireland. Particularly, OneWeb will be working hand in hand with our telecom partners who will use our cost effective, fibre-like connectivity solution to further their networks’ reach. National mobile operators’ customers will likely pay cost-effective fees similar to those of their counterparts in the cities. Successful partnerships such as these can enable remote communities to finally enjoy the benefits of truly inclusive connected societies, unlock digital opportunities, and spur economic growth.

4G and 5G matching QoS on OneWeb’s LEO constellation allows it not only to provide coverage solution where terrestrial build out is never going to be feasible economically, but also to the “temporarily” unconnected areas, as satellites provide an important interim infrastructure in areas even where terrestrial may eventually arrive. By encouraging telecom terrestrial operators to use satellites for interim infrastructure satisfying promptly the user demands, Nations can not only meet their universal service goals, but also begin to enjoy the advantages of a connected population and economies far sooner than expected.

Furthermore, satellite-based solutions offer highly robust technologic and operational solutions when facing natural disasters, and Fixed and Mobile satellite user terminals are the fastest way to establish or re-establish communication for emergency services to assist them during relief effort. In addition, combining OneWeb User Terminals to an existing or a vehicle mounted cellular base station can re-establish the entire public mobile network in a matter of hours to reconnect the whole community.

Spectrum policy has a critical role to play on adoption of emerging technology such as the LEO satellites, and access to interference-free spectrum in bands such as Ku- and Ka- band is critical to operation of the OneWeb solutions. Moreover, affordability of these spectrum directly impacts the business case of bringing service into those rural and remote area.

OneWeb respectfully notes that we are currently using the 28 GHz band (27.5-30GHz) for our major gateway earth stations, and we are grateful to Czech Telecommunication Office for respecting the value of this continued allocation to Fixed Satellite Services and preserving the 28GHz for satellites use.